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 While I imagine for people who go to a number of conventions throughout the year, personally I'm still at one a year, and it's coming up. unlike before where I'd go there and figure out what I'm going to do on the fly, I'm trying to get a plan before head, it's a pain for my family to drop me off in downtown in the morning on con days and having to pick me up in the am the next day. Either way it's a great time. Managed a prepurchase (custom masks which I'll hang on my wall). Meet up with people I've not seen since last year, hopefully met up with people I know online. currently my plan is to cosplay as the 3rd hokage and my fallout jumpsuit with armor, #10. Haven't picked days yet, need to look up naruto cosplaying shoot times and whether there's one for fallout. I also want to try to get with the matching singing group again. last year the song was "be a man " from mulan. haven't seen new info from that guy yet in my mail. but I'll keep a look out. till later
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Current Age: 21, Current Residence: Maryland( not mary land , Mar land the y is silent), deviantWEAR sizing preference: got a 3 4 x, Print preference: dont care, Favourite genre of music: nu metal, trance, Rock, Easy listening, some metal, horrorcore, Favourite photographer: wildlife-man here on deviant art, Operating System: dont understand, MP3 player of choice: i think its Sanga, Wallpaper of choice: indiffernt, Skin of choice: mine, Favourite cartoon character: not sure, maybe naruto, hinata, shinji ikari, Personal Quote: just grin and bear it ( and many others)


Alrighty, here's the deal, my older sister is trying out this "business opportunity" that reeks of being a MLM, Multilevel marketing, which is basically a legal pyramid scheme, the company in question is called Pure Romance, the idea is you do these parties and sell sex toys and the like. I've tried to rope my eldest sister into talking to her about this, but she also won't listen to me about this. Fucking damn it. :(
If back in the day James Bond was then The Doctor, do you think he would have done a good job with the role?

Or if you want, posit cool actors is roles you think might be cool.
While reading a scene( some fan fiction) in a diner with one character about to cuss where the owner, chef dude was waiting for it with a spoon to smack her, the character changed the end of it to be pg. That lead to an odd path of thoughts which leads to this, If as a society we have cut down on the violence as a whole has the same thing happened with cursing. Now regardless of language there are curse words, and I'm curious as to whether with society as a whole have we cut down or increased our cursing as compared to generations past? I want to lead toward a rate of about the same, as we have written evidence that everyone talks dirty, a rather sizable portion of Shakespeare is curse/dirty words.
I'm only on the first work problems and such and I'm already frustrated, so you know it's a college algebra class. Why people insist to teach advanced math as a means of logic problem solving is beyond me, what's it's making me do is vent frustration with imaginings o both destroying my stuff and self harm. >:-(. If I don't end up withdrawing or not failing I can hopefully take a more useful math class after this and for a good while be done with that demon.
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The Tragedy of The Relentless Stench


Good day to whom ever may read this. This is my attempt at an autobiography, or one's memoirs if you so wish. To begin with my real name is Emil Novotny, a rather Slavic name to got with one with Slavic roots in my family. The hero names I've had during my still ongoing Superhero career have been in this order, Kid Aroma, Oderant and The Relentless Stench, I'll remark on my adventures while bearing these names later on it our story ok, but first my personal genesis. I was born to loving parents Erik and Anna Novotny. My mother, bless her, had died a few days after I was born. The doctors said it was a non immediate complication from childbirth, meaning they weren't sure. My Father then raised me out in a rural suburb of Pittsburgh. They were happy years, though my father never stopped mourning my mother. At times, mainly around the days of my birthday I'd tell him I was sorry in which he'd then scoop me into his arms and reassure me it wasn't my fault and that it was the doctors who could have done something more. These are among the memories I hold most dear to me.

After that he would relay me stories of mom, some were scary, most fun though, he'd get embarrassed when I asked him how they had met. It wasn't until years later I learn they met when they were students abroad ( in different subjects) were he had came across her moonlighting in a brothel in Prague. A romance novel if there ever was one. If you know my history this is why I had some very strong political stands which again I'll discuss later.

My dads employment was managing the floor of a chemical plants ware house in outer Pittsburgh. When I was 7 he had brought me as one of the few children there for “Take your Kid to Work Day”. In what was supposed to be a safe day was were I had gotten my powers, details on them in a bit. Later through an OSHA investigation we learned that with stiff competition from the Chinese the plant that owned the warehouse my father worked went about working to make cheaper synthetic perfume bases. They succeeded with a few and had arranged to sent the toxic samples and byproducts to the warehouse to await for proper disposal, which the report following the incident had said was the week after that. The containers of the chemicals were meant to be delivered the next day but due to fair weather and clear highways had arrived a day clear. While annoyed with the early shipment my dad had managed an improvised demonstration for use of how they move and store the stock there. I remember the group of us clapping when it was over.

Earlier that day there were numerous fracking earthquakes in Ohio, which we had heard about, but my dad and the other managers weren't concerned about. However as OSHA learned the owners before the last had covered up benzine tanks that were buried under the warehouse, our lawyers in the civil suit tried well be eventually they had to accept an out of court plea with the former owners, wealthy, well connected people to this day. When we felt the light rumble of the quake while my dad was taking all the kids and I on a tour there we brushed it off. That was until there was a larger rumble under us. To this day I remember the next scenes vividly, fire erupting from the group, alarms going off, my dad shouting at all of us to get to safety. I then helped my dad with that task.2 minutes was all it took to get everyone out of the warehouse.Then I was on an exit stairwell urging my dad to get out, but he felt he had enough time to get somethings from his office, which was at the bottom of the stairwell I was on. What he took was mainly office documents and items and photos of mom. I then heard a small explosion on the other side of the warehouse and decided to rush down the stairs. And that was when it happened.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs there was another explosion to my left, on that sent to containers of the toxic perfume samples and byproduct toward me. They hit the wall and I was beyond doused with the chemicals, I swear to this day there was a point in which I was swimming freely in the stuff. I blacked out there and woke up in a hospital room the likes of which I hadn't seen before on tv or in real life. I was confined to room that was like a nook in the wall, one side ceiling, one floor, three white walls and a solid wall of glass, where I saw all the other children and a number of my dads co workers, but not him. I turned to my doctor who was clad in what I would later learn was a hazmat suit. He told me that from the accident I was doused in chemicals of then unknown nature and seem to still be fuming and was kept in isolation. He then told me that it was my dad who had gotten me out of the pool of chemicals and hauled as with me and what me managed to get from his office. He then told me he was in ICU because of a third explosive that happened when we managed to get out the door and sent debris hurdling towards the door where my dad and a coworker trying to get a hold of me from his shoulder and got slammed by the debris. My dads coworker walked away with a dislocated shoulder and broken humerus, but it was my dad who got the most of it with several broken bones and organ trauma.

The doctor then said that only the three of us, My dad his coworker, and I, were the only one's hurt in the explosions but things weren't looking good for my dad. I asked f there was any chance I could see him. My doctor said that it was unlikely due to my mysterious condition, but he would think of something. It seems he managed to convince someone of something because an hour later I was being put into a small hazmat suit and being wheeled to the ICU. When we got there aside from what just happened at the warehouse I hadn't seen a more wretched suit, my father in a hospital bed being attended to by doctors and nurses, tubes all about his person going who knows where, and the look on his face of both not there and confused, which was likely a result of the meds they had him on. But then he took one look at me through the visor and called my name. I then left the wheelchair and went to his right side and took his right hand into my own. We were both crying and speaking incoherently, but after the first few moments passed he asked if I was ok. I told him I was fairly sure but the doctors weren't. He laughed and smiled a moment before tears came to his eyes. He then told me the doctors thought his chances were bleak, a good number of broken bones and numerous organ injuries from the debris impact, but he told me that he wanted me to stay strong and be good no matter what happened. I agreed to everything he said. We then talked a bit with a few more promises and stories about mom. Three hours it was like that, I didn't let go of his hand the entire time until 2 minutes after the heart monitor stopped beeping.

Kid Aroma

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